Cosmic Spiritual Union

"The goal of human life, is for the individual self to seek union with
supreme undifferentiated consciousness, to merge in union with the Divine"


“We are inviting you to go deeper, to learn and to practice so that you become someone who has a great capacity for being your "True self", Loving, open, calm, sensual, awake and without fear, because our society needs people like you who have these qualities, , our society, needs people like you, in order to go on, in order to return to our natural being, ”



And this is the joy of Cosmic Spiritual orgasm, because you disappear for a moment. That moment is very small, but immense is its impact. For one moment you are no more the ego, you don't think in terms of 'I', for one moment you dissolve into the unity of the all, you become one with the whole, you pulsate with the whole. You are no more an individual, are no more confined to your body. You don't know limitations, for a moment you are unlimited, infinite.



That is the meaning of Cosmic Spiritual orgasm -- that your frozen energy melts, becomes one with this universe, with the trees and the stars, and the woman and the man, and the rocks -- for a single moment, of course. But in THAT moment you have a kind of consciousness that is religious, that is holy, that is one with all things. osho


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Why have Cosmic Spiritual orgasm?

Cosmic Spiritual orgasm will clear the body of repressed emotions, old hurts, and blocks. They put a bounce in your step. Cosmic Spiritual orgasms help pre-orgasmic women to become genitally orgasmic and help genitally orgasmic women to become much more multi-orgasmic ("megagasmic"), plus they make partner sex more ecstatic and fulfilling. It's safe sex, a good substitute for harmful addictions, Cosmic Spiritual orgasm can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of the forces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond the body/mind, a sence of Cosmic Spiritual Union, reminding you who you are beyond your everyday reality.

Cosmic Spiritual Union is the ecstatic expanded experience producing altered states of consciousness. Is beyond the “Cosmic Spiritual orgasm:” a timeless, boundless state where orgasmic waves move through all the energy centers. and replenish the life force with release through the crown of the head.

(When asked whether she had an orgasm, Sara responded :)

It was continuous, uninterrupted…This was definitely something else, which I’ve not really experienced completely like that ever.

(Sara was next asked whether any psychic changes resulted.)

Oh yes, definitely. From the standpoint of spiritual practice its always full of insight, a sort of insight that comes afterward, about how I shut down from the ecstasy in my usual state, because its obvious that the ecstasy is inherent feeling at the body(level), of my being…and also naturally it would affect my meditation. I am in a much more relaxed and receptive disposition physically, emotionally, and psychically when I sit down to meditate….I don’t know what this has to do with anything, but meditation becomes very sexual, whole bodily, playing with all those hormones. Very often in my meditation there is a stage as its deepening where it goes through something like love play in the hormonal sense. I feel the heat and change of energy and so forth, and then it just cools out. That’s when deep meditation begins.
Its definitely bliss into ecstasy because the bliss is something that I feel in the body. The ecstasy is something where the body is gone. Energy goes up. Its communion. Its love. Its transcendent, the energy feeling, transcended, even the light I m talking about in meditation, and gone just into light.

What does a Cosmic Spiritual orgasm feel like?

Incredible! Some are very strong, and some are wonderfully subtle. Generally, the more time you put into building up the energy, the more powerful the sensations. You'll experience "electricity" shooting through your entire body, hands feetand lips tingle, and there is a sense of release and receiving at the same time. You will feel high, euphoric and light-headed. It feels very different than a clitoral orgasm (but it can occur simultaneously with a clitoral orgasm).

I was scared of the orgasm; my shoulders tensed up to the point where I felt I couldn’t handle it, i asked the teacher to stop for a little while, but I wanted it at the same time. The built-up pressure was simultaneously too much and just enough. Once I finally relaxed the orgasm mysteriously traveled up my spine to my brain, I knew at that moment that that was the best feeling I’d probably ever experience,and, it went on for ages

Sue W 54


Many women report a feeling of not having an orgasm but of being the orgasm,

amazing space and freedom and a beautiful quiete serene mind


One tree merging into another tree, earth merging into the trees, trees merging into the sky, the sky merging into the beyond… you merging in me, I mergine in you… everything merging… distinctions lost, melting and merging like waves into other waves… a vast oneness vibrating, alive, without boundaries, without definitions, without distinctions… the sage merging into the sinner, the sinner merging into the sage… good becoming bad, bad becoming good… night turning into the day, the day turning into the night… life melting into death, death molding again into life -- then everything has become one.



This changed my experience of sexuality forever… It blew up this kind of thing you have about sex, the good feeling you get from sexual experience, or try to get. It broke that because it was so obviously about submission. It wasn’t about me trying to do something. It was about me not doing something, but rater receiving or allowing it, rather than doing and creating and making.


Spiritual Tantric Sex: The Art Of The Multidimensional Orgasm

Cosmic Spiritual Union


Would you like to Experience Cosmic Spiritual Union ?

Orgasm is also termed the small death. And because of that small death in
Orgasm, there is so much
release of joy in you. For a single moment you disappear, and that moment is the "climax", the "Cosmic Spiritual orgasm". In that single moment you don't know who you are. In that single moment you are pure energy vibrating, pulsating. With no center to it, with no "ego" in it.

Because the moment of orgasm is very small. In Tantra That moment can become very deep, that moment can remain there for hours. That moment, once you know the art of remaining in it, can surround you twenty-four hours. Tantra transforms orgasm. into Cosmic Spiritual Union

Cosmic Spiritual Union

Cosmic Spiritual orgasm clears the body of repressed emotions, old hurts, and blocks. Cosmic Spiritual orgasms help pre-orgasmic women to become genitally orgasmic and help genitally orgasmic women to become much more multi-orgasmic ("megagasmic"), plus they make partner sex more ecstatic and fulfilling. Cosmic Spiritual orgasms can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of the forces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond way beyond the body/mind,an amazing sence of Cosmic Spiritual Union, and reminding you who you are beyond your everyday reality..

This has been the most deeply healing practise I have ever encountered. It has woken me up to realise that my body is often shut down from the bliss and ecstacy that she could be experiencing. Through this practise I have come to learn that emotional pain occurs when orgasmic energy is not flowing freely through my body and that there is a never-ending flow of orgasmic energy available to me. It has taken me years to gradually let go of tension and pain in my body and I still have areas of tension to unblock. The sensations can be different each time depending on my state , sometimes there is a pulsating vibration and sometimes it feels like a kind of electric current circulating from my genitals around through my whole body. There can be tears of joy. My mind can be completely clear and it can seem as if everything I was afraid of has dissolved away. Whenever any area of tension is unblocked and the orgasmic energy is allowed to circulate there is always an amazing sense of oneness with life which is awakened.

Mel 40 Auckland

Other things to know about Cosmic Spiritual orgasms:

Be patient. At first you may not experience the orgasm part of this process. Some get it on their first try and for some it can take years. Keep practicing thje excersise your teacher gives you,.. Even if you don't experience the orgasm, just the breathing and energy circling alone is of great value. It will clear out blocks, so eventually the orgasm can move through you. Blocks can be experienced in many ways - crying, gagging, feeling frustrated, old memories surfacing. Just keep breathing. Visualize releasing the "old" on the exhale, ringing in the "new" on the inhale. Energy levels will most likely rise and fall, like mercury in a thermometer. Tell your teacher where it slipped to.. Your teacher will encourage you to tap into your sexual center when energy slips. One of the most important keys to learning this technique is KNOWING that it is possible.


My Teacher knew how to touch - and where to touch - He knew places to touch that I didn't know about - and soon I was traveling to another place in another universe. I was in a trance of breath and sweat and pleasure that went on and on in such a extended way - that I was traveling through light and sound. I never knew that such a experience could be had without actually making love. When I finally climaxed and climaxed and climaxed- I could not believe that I had a sexual climax in the presence of someone outside of my husband. I was feeling both excitement and a little bit of embarrassment. Looking back at this moment, I never would have thought that having a orgasm in front of another man would, in fact, become the "start" of this entire journey in Tantra

Ema S 35


Whenever Tantra says "sex-energy" it means the "elan-vital", the life-energy itself. They are synonymous. Whatsoever we call sex is just one dimension of life-energy. There are other "dimensions". And really it should be so.

You see a seed sprouting, somewhere flowers are coming on a tree, the birds are singing - the whole phenomenon is sexual. It is life manifesting itself in many ways. When the bird is singing it is a sexual call, an invitation. When the flower is attracting butterflies and bees it is an invitation, because the bees and butterflies will carry the seeds of reproduction. Everything appears to be divided into these two polarities. And life is a rhythm between these two opposites. Repulsion and attraction, coming nearer and going far... these are the rhythms.

So Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on sexual energy , truly understand its wonder and beauty, let go and realise this freedon this incredible lightness of being, and honor the many sensefull moments, abide in the Blissful Spiritual cosmic unity, that arise, from a mind that is free


Relax into full body experience.
Let go of pain and trauma.
Access your natural power.
Embrace your natural beauty and sensuality.
Explore the goddess within.
Learn to be Multi orgasmic...
Discover Cosmic Spiritual Unity
Wake up your spiritual beauty

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"I continue to be amazed at how this Tantra stuff really works. Last night I seriously had the best orgasm of my entire life, the session was amazing :)"

Tracy L 23

Auckland ...

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"We are devoted to your sensual awakening and helping you achieve a higher state of sensual awareness. Our mission is to enlighten you in the mysteries of Tantra. We will reveal ancient methods of heightening and prolonging erotic pleasure, giving you the ability to become multi-orgasmic. In doing so, we will sweep away the guilt and negative stigma so commonly associated with western views of sexuality. Most importantly, our gentle manner and loving nature make us genuinely caring and sensitive to your needs."



Good luck! As you receive pleasure the whole universe receives pleasure through you

"Buddha sitting under his Bodhi tree" is in a deep inner orgasm. The inner forces have met, they have melted into each other. Now there will be no need to seek a woman outside because the meeting has happened with the inner woman. And Buddha is non-attached to, or detached from, woman outside, not because he is against woman, but because the ultimate phenomenon has happened within. Now there is no need. An inner circle has become whole, now it is complete. That is why such grace comes to Buddha's face. It is the grace of being complete. Now nothing is lacking, a deep fulfillment has happened, now there is no further journey. He has achieved the ultimate destiny. The inner forces have come to a meeting and now there is no "conflict". But it is a sexual phenomenon.