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Tantra the Celebration of Life in the Present Moment

“I am inviting you to go deeper, to learn and to practice so that you become someone who has a great capacity for being solid, calm, and without fear, because our society needs people like you who have these qualities, and your children, our children, need people like you, in order to go on, in order to become solid, and calm, and without fear.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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Once Lord Rama asked Lord Hanumana the epitome of knowledge "Gyaaninanaagraganyam" Who are You? " O my master As the Son of AnJani ( body Consious) I am your Slave (Dvaita). As a Jiva I am A part of Yours (Ansa) (Vishishtadvaita) and in the light of Knowledge I am what you are O my Lord (Advaita). Thus it all depends what bhumi (stage) you stand. All Schools were started by avataras, nobody can be wrong and other right. All schools of thought are beautiful flowers of the garden of Vedanta.

Tantra Meditation Classes

Improves Your Body Image
Helps You Conquer Your Fears
Free Yourself From Norms & Social Conditioning
Become more in tune with the flow of energy throughout the body
Enhance Your Sexual Energy
The Start Of A Deep Transformation

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"Buddha sitting under his Bodhi tree" is in a deep inner orgasm. The inner forces have met, they have melted into each other. Now there will be no need to seek a woman outside because the meeting has happened with the inner woman. And Buddha is non-attached to, or detached from, woman outside, not because he is against woman, but because the ultimate phenomenon has happened within. Now there is no need. An inner circle has become whole, now it is complete. That is why such grace comes to Buddha's face. It is the grace of being complete. Now nothing is lacking, a deep fulfillment has happened, now there is no further journey. He has achieved the ultimate destiny. The inner forces have come to a meeting and now there is no "conflict". But it is a sexual phenomenon.


Tantra Balancing Sessions

Relax into full body experience.
Let go of pain and trauma.
Access your natural power.
Embrace your natural beauty and sensuality.
Explore the goddess within.
Learn to be orgasmic...
Discover Mind orgasm
Wake up your sleeping beauty
Explore total pleasure and divine bliss.
Sexual healing.
Going deeper into love.

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"You have a mind, a certain mind. When you go to a teacher, you look from your mind. If it fits, you are happy; you start clinging. But that is not going to help -- because it fits, it will strengthen the same mind that you had brought with you. If by chance you come across a real master, nothing is going to fit. He is going to disrupt all your ideas about how a master should be; he is going to sabotage you. He is going to take all expectations. He is to frustrate you, he is to disappoint you in every possible way -- because that is the only way real work can start. And if you still can be with him, then... then you are going to be awakened."

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Naked Yoga..
Religious Murder 
Western Philosophy

When we become lost in our lover,
what is happening is that our souls are merging.
This is an experience that is independent of the physical body.
It can be compared to two lights moving
closer and closer until they occupy the same space."
Sant Rajinder Singh

Being Naked in the Nude

Being nude feels so right

Before Western civilization, nakedness was a normal element of life and considered acceptable in many circumstances. However, as Freud describes in Civilization and Its Discontents, psychological repression of the awareness of our natural being was a necessary step in building civilization.



The view from the top of the mountain
or an open mind often allows understanding of the bigger picture


Become a Tantra Therapist

Break out and have fun,earn your livelihood as a Certified Tantra Practitioner. - heal, become conscious and centered, fulfilled and blissful You will attend the most comprehensive tantra educational training program currently available in New Zealand. Learn tantra from the experts,. Personally you will Clear energies that keep you from the love that's your birthright. Heal wounds that undermine your relationships. Become the teacher and healer you've always known you could be and earn a living while helping others heal, expand and grow. What could possibly be more rewarding? This is as good as it gets

No experience required as full training given.Email us.Tantra Therapist

For inquiries Phone: 09 8202225

"Put away your pointless taboos and inhibitions on sexual energy , rather help others to truly understand its wonder and beauty, let go and realise this freedon this incredible lightness of being, honor the many sensefull moments, in this Blissful Tantric unity, that arise, from a mind that is completely free, not two"
BK Peace

Natural Spirtual Quotes

Reconnecting Philosophy with Natural Being

Although most "spiritual disciplines" insist on evolving into higher states of consciousness by controlling or "denying the senses"and so called lower states of consciousness , Tantra teaches that you cannot experience complete personal and spiritual liberation while restricting a part of your being

How can one experience Total unity whilst denying a part of that Totality ?

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