Are you ready for tantra?

Great Orgasms

Sex has become a very mental occupation, according to researchers Allan and Donna Brauer in their book,
"Better, Safer Sexual Intimacy and Extended Orgasmic Response."
Here are some examples:

The average orgasm is only ten seconds long. The average frequency of intercourse is once or twice a week for most couples. That equals about 20 seconds of orgasm per week; one-and-a-half minutes per month, or 18 whole ecstatic minutes each year. (Just so you know, in 50 years, that would be about 15 hours).

We devote thousands and thousands of hours to fantasizing about sex, worrying about sex, daydreaming about sex, wishing for sex, planning for sex ... for 15 hours of ecstasy in 50 years.

Tantric sex is not about adding more orgasms, it's about being orgasmic, which is our very nature. You can learn how to prolong your orgasms from ten seconds to ten minutes or more when you expand your idea of orgasm beyond the genitals into a whole-body experience.

With the mastery of advanced techniques, couples are able to reach orgasm without even touching each other! Get a load of that ...

Ejaculatory control is essential to keeping the orgiastic energy going. Using breath control combined with various postures, the magical energy can be captured and manipulated to reach the highest heights. Men can learn to experience orgasm without ejaculating, and both men and women can experience transcendental orgasms that include their hearts, minds, and entire bodies.

Are you ready for tantra?
Ready For Tantra? See if you're open to this ancient Eastern practice. Take our quiz and find out now.

Do you feel energized and blissful after sex? Are you having the orgasms you want with your partner? Are you open to enhancing them?

Take our quiz and find out if you're ready to learn the principles of tantric sex -- a practice that takes time and commitment, but yields excellent, long-term results.

Instructions: Choose the answer you prefer.

1. My partner and I....

  1. Try for simultaneous orgasm every time we have sex. (2)
  2. Dispense with foreplay and get right down to business. (1)
  3. Take some quiet time to "get into the mood" before making love. (3)
  4. Experiment with ways to arouse each other. (2)
  5. Flirt with each other all the time. (2)

2. When making love, I ...

  1. Hope my partner will give me an orgasm. (1)
  2. Try to give my partner an orgasm.(1)
  3. Can't stop the thoughts in my head. (1)
  4. Relax and let go. (3)
  5. Depend on myself for an orgasm. (2)

3. My orgasms happen ...

  1. Every time. (3)
  2. Too soon. (3)
  3. Too late. (3)
  4. Rarely, if ever. (3)
  5. Sometimes. (3)

4. After sex, I feel ...

  1. Dazed and sleepy. (1)
  2. Energized and blissful. (3)
  3. Like I want more! (2)
  4. As if there was something missing. (3)
  5. Used and dejected. (1)

5. Meditation is something ...

  1. I have tried in the past. (2)
  2. That has never crossed my mind. (1)
  3. I have thought about and considered. (2)
  4. I do regularly. (3)
  5. I have heard about. (1)

6. I set aside time regularly to ...

  1. Read or do other quiet activities. (2)
  2. Play and enjoy myself. (2)
  3. Work out and get some exercise. (2)
  4. All of the above. (3)
  5. None of the above. (1)


  1. Do you know how to squeeze your pc muscle (3)
  2. Have you ever experienced mind orgasm (3)
  3. Have you experienced Multiple orgasms (3)


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With some commitment and practice - you, too, can learn the secrets of Tantra.
It can transform your sexual experience -- your entire relationship -- from mundane routine to incredible excitement.
Your sex life won't ever be the same!
Your spiritual life may even take a cosmic leap...