Sex Education

This site is for people who have questions or concerns regarding sex.


Learn Before You Swallow

You must first try to forget the brainwashing we all receive from birth. ~ It’s a tough job but at least you’re here. ~ You already have the battle half won. ~ You’re about to learn that sex is not that dirty evil thing thats been kept hidden from you all these years. ~ You’ll be amazed. ~ People who love Sex are not really a bunch of icky weirdos as you may have been taught, that just save themselves for blissfull marriage... ~ Not only that, but you are probably going to have it soon yourself so enter the playing field with knowkedge, not some sanitised psuedo religious mind game..


So when we talk about Brain washing were refering to all the violence and hatred you have been fed over the years, and all the beauty, nackedness and Natural sex on Tv, videos etc that your mind has been denied,
here's an example

Hey Parents

Which scene may be hazardous to children?

From the Godfather: The photo on the left shows a corrupt police officer just after he has been shot in the head and the throat. That scene was shown, uncut and unpixellated, on TV. But just a little later, when Apollonia takes a step back from Michael Corleone to remove her slip — that scene was cut out of this broadcast.

It illustrates a point. Society is more invested in protecting children and young teens from nudity than it is in protecting them from violence.


These Beautifull Bodies and Actions are NOT dirty or evil

What they are, is Natural

Any male or Female who is somehow offended by the sight
of a nude body, probably has some major psychological issues


Most sites teach with words,we use real video and some informative information

For two decades, policymakers have debated the relative merits of sexuality education that promotes abstinence as the only acceptable form of behavior outside of marriage and more comprehensive approaches that discuss contraception as well. The results of several new studies show that these debates may have had a considerable impact on what is being taught in the classroom; moreover, they strongly indicate that politicians—in their drive to promote morality-based abstinence-only education—are out of touch with what teachers, parents and teens think should be taught.

If Somebody would like to Email us and explain what
in their mind is Dirty
about this picture

Before you start gettin’ your sex on, you might want to learn a little bit about how to make sure you stay safe, healthy, and happy. A little knowledge can go a long way… trust us on this one.

HEY Mothers and Fathers trying to PROTECT their teenagers from having sex,,,why?
Dont you enjoy sex? Is'nt it great for you?
Perhaps you need to Spend more time educating your young adults about Safe sex and the joys of life...

Mind you many teenagers could teach their parents a few things
if only they would listen ...

75% students learn about sex not from their parents but through porn:
A survey by a 17-year-old boy unveiled that 75 percent of middle school students in his area learned about sex through porn publications or videos, a local newspaper here said.

I mix the rational understanding of the West with the mystical approach of the East," "I will not bother you with religious nonsense, weird rituals, dogmas, or superstitions."

Sex education like you've never seen it before!

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