Golden Verses of Pythagoras

Foremost Honor The Immortal Deities, As The Law Demands.

2 Then Honor Thy Vows, Then The Illustrious Messengers Of Deity, Then Venerate The Divinities Of The Nether World, Due Rites Performing.

3 Then Honor Thy Progenitors, And All Thy Kindred.

4 Among Others Make The Most Virtuous Thy Friends, Love To Make Use Of Their Kind Words, And Learn From Their Practices That Are Advantageous.

5 Alienate Not The Beloved Comrade For Trivial Offenses, But Bear All Ye Can, And What Ye Can, For Autonomy Is Qualified By Circumstances.

6 Take This Well To Heart: Ye Must Gain Control Of Thine Habits, First Over Appetite, Then Slumber, Then Luxury And Anger.

7 What Brings Ye Shame, Do Not Unto Others, Nor Unto Thyself, For The Highest Of Duties Is Self Integrity.

8 Let Balanced Order Be Practiced In Words As In Deeds; Then Make The Habit To Never Act Inconsiderately.

9 Remember That Death Is Appointed To All, And Possessions Here Gladly Gathered, Must Here Be Left Behind.

10 Whatever Sorrow The Fate Of The Heavens May Here Send Us, Bear; Whatever May Befall Us Let Us Bear With Patience Unmurmuring.

11 To Relieve It, So Far As We Can, Is Permitted, But Reflect That Not Much Misfortune Has Destiny Given To The Virtuous.

12 The Opinion Of The People Is Inconsistent, Now Good, And Now Evil; So Let Them Not Intimidate Thee, Nor Keep Thee From Thy Purpose.

13 If False Slander Come To Thy Ears, Bear It In Patience, Yet That Which I Am Now Declaring, Fulfill It Faithfully.

14 Let No One With Speech Or With Deeds Ever Deceive Thee, To Do Or To Say What Is Not The Most Noble.

15 Consider Before Acting, That Nothing Stupid Result; To Act Thoughtlessly Is The Role Of A Fool.

16 Whatever Will Not Later Incur Remorse, Follow Through With.

17 Do Nothing Outside Of Thy Comprehension, Yet Learn That Which May Be Useful; Thus Shall Thy Life Grow Joyful.

18 Do Not Neglect The Health Of The Body, Keep Measure In Eating And Drinking, And Every Exercise Of The Body, And By Measure Is Meant What Will Not Later Induce Pain.

19 Follow Clean Habits Of Life, But Not The Luxurious, And Avoid All Things Which Will Arouse Envy.

20 At The Wrong Time, Never Be Unrestrained, As If Ye Did Not Know What Was Proper; Nor Show Thyself Stingy, For An Appropriate Measure Is Ever The Best.

21 Do Only Those Things Which Will Not Harm Thee, And Deliberate Before Acting.

22 Never Let Slumber Approach Thy Wearied Eyelids, Ere Thrice Ye Review What Ye That Day Have Done: Wherein Have Ye Sinned? What Did Ye? What Duty Has Been Neglected; All, From First To Last, Review.

23 If Ye Have Erred, Grieve In Thy Spirit, Rejoicing For All That Was Virtuous.

24 With Zeal And With Diligence, This Then Repeat, And Learn To Repeat It With Satisfaction, For Thus Will Ye Walk On The Paths Of Heavenly Virtue; Surely, I Swear It By They Who Into Our Souls Have Infused The Sacred Quaternary, The Seed Of Divine Nature.

25 Never Start On Thy Task Until Ye Have Implored The Blessings Of The Deities.

26 If This Practice Is Faithfully Adhered To, Soon Ye Will Recognize, Of Deities And Mortal Men, The True Nature Of Existence, How Everything Passes And Returns.

27 Then Will Ye Perceive What Is Real, How The Divine Ordering Is Always Impartial, So That Ye Hope Not For What Has No Hope, Nor That Possibilities Should Elude Thee.

28 Humans Ye Shall Observe Whose Sorrows They Themselves Have Created, Wretches Who See Not The Good That Is So Near, And Will Heed Nothing.

29 Few Know How To Help Themselves In Misfortune, That Is The Fate Which Blinds Humanity In Circles.

30 Hither And Yon They Run In Endless Sorrows, For They Are Accompanied By A Grim Companion, Even Disunion Within Themselves.

31 Unnoticed, Never Rouse Them, And Flee From Before Them!

32 Aumen-Zeus, O Free Them All From Sufferings So Great, Or Reveal Unto Each Their Guide.

33 Yet Do Not Fear, The Mortals Are Divine By Race, And Holy Nature Will Reveal And Make Evident Everything.

34 Wherefore, If Ye Have Believed, Observe What I Teach Thee, Healing Thy Soul, And Ye Shall Remain Insured From Manifold Evil.

35 Avoid Forbidden Foods, Reflecting That This Contributes To The Purity And Redemption Of Thy Soul.

36 Ponder All Things Well, And Let Discernment, The Gift Divine, Be Thy Chief Guide.

37 Then If Ye Should Be Separated From The Body, And Soar Into The Ether, Ye Will Be Imperishable, A Divinity, A Mortal No More.

Pythagorean Sayings

Go Not Beyond The Balance. (Avoid Extreme Reactionary Behavior)

2 Sit Not Down On The Bushel. (Don’t Become Content In This Life, Continue The Harvest Of Souls, But Do Not Put Down Deep Roots)

3 Tear Not To Pieces The Crown. (Don’t Engage In Partisan Politics, Nor Destroy The Keterian Unity Of The Red And White Crown By Instigating Division Between The Dove And Serpent Parties)

4 Eat Not The Heart. (Don’t Let Love Sickness Ruin One’s Life, Nor An Obsession With Romance Tempt Thee From The Goodly Work)

5 Do Not Poke The Fire With A Sword. (Neither Inflame The Quarrelsome, Mull Over An Offence, Nor Rationalize Anger)

6 Having Arrived At The Frontiers, Turn Not Back. (Do Not Abandon A Spiritual Path Because Of Fondness For Sluggards, Nor Have Second Thoughts In A Good Cause)

7 Go Not By The Popular Route. (Seek To Walk The Paths Of The Tree Of Life, Rather Than The Ways Of The Crowd, Seeking Personal Excellence Rather Than Group Approval)

8 Suffer No Swallows Around Thy House. (Associate Not With Those Who Chatter Vainly, Nor Let Them Divert Thee From Thy Duties)

9 Wear Not The Image Of Deity On Thy Ring. (Keep Aumen’s Higher Laws Secret, And Thy Worship Discreet, Speaking The Name Of Deity With Care)

10 Do Not Unload People, But Load Them Up. (Encourage Not Idleness, But Virtue And Spiritual Discipline)

11 Do Not Easily Shake Hands With Anyone. (Avoid Worldly Contacts That Weaken One’s Spiritual Drive, And Spurn Obligations Not Centered In The Covenant)

12 Leave Not The Least Imprint Of The Pot On The Ashes. (Don’t Confuse Means With Ends, Graduate Upward Through Leaving Off All Resentment)

13 Sow Mallows, But Never Eat Them. (Be Mild To Others, But Scrict On Thyself)

14 Wipe Not Out The Place Of The Torch. (Let Lesser Religions Alone, Nor Destroy The Faith Of The Superstitious, For Lesser Churches And Schools Fulfill Are Needful To Those In Great Darkness)

15 Wear Not A Tight Ring. (Don’t Accept Less Than That Which Is Virtuous And Freeing, Nor Let Thy Spouse Impose Undue Restrictions On Thee Out Of Insecurity)

16 Feed Not The Animals With Crooked Claws. (Teach Not The Undisciplined And Ungrateful, Nor Directly Or Indirectly Support Unholy Organizations)

17 Abstain From Voting With Beans. (Avoid Democracy, Fallen Politics And Identification With The Opinions Of The Crowd, Being Most Careful Not To Let Thy Opinions Be Swayed By Idle Gossip)

18 Eat Not Fish Whose Tails Are Black. (Don’t Follow Those Whose Fruits Are Questionable And Whose Ways Are Dubious)

19 Never Eat The Gurnard Fish. (Avoid Holding Onto Revenge Or Resentment)

20 Eat Not The Womb Of Animals. (Avoid Those Whose Sense Of Self Comes From Flirtation, And Who, In Lustful Heat, Rove About Seeking Seduction)

21 Abstain From Flesh Of Animals That Die Of Themselves. (Don’t Live The Customs Or Indulge In The Entertainment’s Of The World And Its False Culture)

22 Abstain From Eating Animals. (Have No Conversations With Unreasonable And Satiated People)

23 Always Place Salt On The Table. (Never Over Eat, But With Wisdom Judge All Thine Actions)

24 Never Parcel Off The Loaf. (Do No Divide Up The Inheritance, But Seek Common Ownership)

25 Do Not Spill Oil On The Seat. (Do Not Flatter Leaders, But Aumen Only)

26 Put No Food In A Foul Vessel. (Do Not Initiate The Undisciplined And Immoral Into The Secret Doctrine)

27 Feed The Cock, But Sacrifice It Not, For It Is Sacred To The Sun And The Moon. (Recompense Those Who Give Warning And Accept Those With Limited Roles, And Be Not Too Quick To Bring All Things To A Conclusion)

28 Break Not The Teeth. (Be Neither Reviling Nor Bitterly Sarcastic)

29 Keep Far From Thyself The Vinegar Cruet. (Avoid Acquiring A Sour Pessimistic Outlook On Life)

30 Spit Upon The Clippings Of Thy Nails, And On The Trimmings Of Thy Hair. (Cast Off Thy Animalistic Drives And Closed Off Nature, And Each Dark Moon Make A Full End To All Grudges)

31 Do Not Urinate Against The Sun. (Don’t Complain And Unload Resentments On Leaders And Counselors, But Instead Soak Up Their Warming Rays)

32 Speak Not In The Face Of The Sun. (Listen Meekly To Wise Counsel, Being Slow To Argue Or Speak One’s Opinion)

33 Do Not Sleep At Noon.(Pay Attention To The Advice Of Spiritual Guides)

34 Make The Bed As Soon As Ye Arise, Leaving No Imprint Of Thy Body. (Be Refreshed And Hopeful, Forget The Past And Focus On The Future)

35 Never Sing Without Harp Accompaniment. (Never Preach An Unlived Law)

36 Always Keep Thy Things Packed Up. (Don’t Get Comfortable In One’s Spiritual Progress, Or Lean On Security, But Continue To Push Oneself Into Places Uncomfortable)

37 Quit Not Thy Post Without Thy Overseer’s Order. (Neither Cease To Function In Thy Role Nor Desire To Exit Life Until All Thy Labors Are Done, And Seek Inspiration In All Thy Activites)

38 Cut Not Wood On A Public Road. (Do Not Selfishly Use That Which Is Designated As Communal, Nor Seek To Comfort Thyself With The Unoffered Toil Of Others, But Carry Thy Own Weight)

39 Roast Not What Is Boiled. (Once A Matter Has Been Resolved, Let It Be Forgotten)

40 Avoid The Two-Edged Sword. (Have No Association With Slanderers Or The Two Faced)

41 Pick Not Up What Has Fallen From The Table. (Always Designate Resources For The Destitute, But Waste No Ear On Embittered Apostates)

42 Abstain Even From The Cypress Chest. (Take Refuge In Holy Places Walled Off From The Corpse Of The World)

43 To Aumen Offer An Odd Number Of Oblations, But To Son Aumen An Even. (Crucify The Drives Of The Flesh On The Stauros, Offering Pure Aspirations Upward To Aumen)

44 Offer Not To The Deities The Wine Of An Unpruned Vine. (Don’t Accept Into Inner Orders Those Who Have Not Yet Been Refined In Monastic Fires, Nor Ask For Blessings Without First Offering On The Altar)

45 Never Sacrifice Without Cakes. (Never Ask For The Impractical, Or Offer To Aumen’s Inner Order One Who Has Not Been Ground To Flour In The Dark Night Of The Soul)

46 Adore The Deities, And Sacrifice Bare Foot. (Worship Aumen Through A Natural And Humble Essene Life Purified By The Angels Of The Earthly Mother)

47 Turn Around When Ye Worship. (Be A Mediator And Teacher, Let Aumen Purify All Sides Of Thy Nature, And Look For The Divine In All Things)

48 Sit Down When Ye Worship. (Set Aside Large Blocks Of Time For Worship, And Be Not Restless Nor In A Hurry To Fly Through A Ritual)

49 Pare Not Thy Nails During The Sacrifice. (Pray Not In Detail, Nor Become Distracted With Petty Thoughts During Mass)

50 When It Thunders, Touch The Ground. (Keep Grounded During Exciting Times, And Don’t Abandon One’s Principles When Deeply Stirred By Another)

51 Do Not Primp By Torch Light. (Look At Things With Divine Standards, Avoiding Vanity And The Worldly Definitions Of Beauty And Value)

52 One, Two. (Let There Be A Harmonic Balance Between The Masculine And The Feminine, Between The Needs Of Nature And The Necessities Of The Spirit)

53 Honor Symbols Of Dignity, The Throne, And The Ternary. (Build And Sustain A Spiritual Culture That Honors Spiritual Values And Principles, And Which Speaks To The Unconscious Through Symbols, Gestures And Ceremonies Of Holiness)

54 When The Wind Blows, Adore Echo. (Flee To Refuges In Out Of The Way Places Where Spirituality Can Be Emulated)

55 Eat Not In A Vehicle. (Do Not Be Restless, Nor Take Thy Pleasure In Travel, Diversion And Chatter, But Rather Seek Excitement In Deep Inner Communion With Aumen)

56 Put On Thy Right Shoe First, And Wash The Left Foot First. (Be Assertive And Active In A Good Cause, And Slow To Seek Ease And Comfort In An Unproductive Lifestyle)

57 Eat Not The Brain. (Don’t Think Too Much With The Intellect, But Seek The Wisdom Of The Heart)

58 Plant Not The Palm Tree. (Weigh Well Thy Ways, So That Thy Life Bears Much Fruit As An Offering To Others)

59 Make Thy Libations To The Deities By The Ear. (Beautify Thy Life And Worship With Daily Music, And Offer Thyself Upward As A Silent Empty Receptacle)

60 Never Catch The Cuttle Fish. (Undertake No Dark Intricate Affairs That May Wound Thee)

61 Hesitate Not At The Threshold. (When You Know A Course Is Wise, Don’t Hesitate Or Block The Way For Others)

62 Give Way To A Flock That Goes By. (Don’t Argue Nor Engage The Foolishness Of The Crowd)

63 Avoid The Weasel. (Don’t Be Less Than Guileless, And Avoid The Gossip)

64 Refuse The Weapons A Woman Offers Thee. (Emotional Arguments Are Useless In The Light Of True Reason And Principled Discernment)

65 Kill Not The Serpent Who Chances To Fall Within Thy Walls. (Do Not Be Afraid To Utilize Cunning Means In Thy Limited Relations With The World)

66 It Is A Crime To Throw Stones Into Fountains. (Don’t Make Shallow Use Of Ancient Sources Of Wisdom, Nor Fail To Honor The Sages Among You)

67 Feed Not Thyself With Thy Left Hand. (Don’t Rationalize Or Support Thyself With Dishonorable Means)

68 It Is A Horrible Crime To Wipe Off The Seat With Iron. (Do Not Force People To Change Or Try To Legislate Virtue)

69 Stick Not Iron Into Footsteps. (Don’t Enforce Tradition Or Mangle The Memory Of Someone)

70 Sleep Not On A Grave. (Don’t Relax On The Merits Of Ancestors Or Let Thy Spiritual Tradition Grow Cold)

71 Lay Not The Whole Log On The Fire. (Teach Precepts And Enter Marriages Gradually)

72 Leap Not From A Vehicle With Thy Feet Close Together. (Re-Evaluate Situations At Every Turn, And Recalculate At Various Stages Of The Journey)

73 Threaten Not The Stars. (Accept One’s Role And Vocation In The Holy Family With Patience And Trust)

74 Place Not The Candle Against The Wall. (Reinterpret Law And Ancient Truths In The Context Of Modern Situations)

75 Write Not In The Snow. (Don’t Waste Thy Time Instructing The Half-Hearted. Trust Not Thy Precepts To Cold Or Inconstant Characters, But Endow Those With Warm Hearts)