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Discover ancient secrets of Tantra, Tantric Sex and the Kama Sutra

The Sexual Secrets
In this book you will learn to

Have multiple orgasms without losing your erection

Experience longer, more intense whole body orgasms

Use your sexual energy to improve your overall health

Increase your sexual energy vitality

Recognize the signs of your partner's desire

Help your partner to become multi-orgasmic

Master thrusting techniques that will completely satisfy your partner

Use sexuality to deepen your spirituality

Make all sex safer

End premature ejaculation

Overcome impotence

Increase the size and strength of your penis

Raise your sperm count

Prevent and help prostate problems

Increase your sexual strength in middle and older age

Maintain the passion in your relationship as you age together
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The Multi Orgasmic Couple

Harmonizing sexual energy is paramount for paramours. Taoists see men's sexual energy as fire, quick to ignite and extinguish (hence the post-coital grunt-and-roll phenomenon), while women's energy is water, slower to boil but longer lasting. Further, in this view a woman's sexual energy starts in her head and "trickles down" over her heart to her genitals, while a man's energy ignites in the genitals and flares up past his heart to his mind.

The early Taoists were physicians as well as sexologists, and their centuries-old teachings encourage sex not only for pleasure and intimacy, but for lifelong health, creativity, and longevity. Orgasm is something to cultivate and pursue weekly if not daily, although men learn to separate ejaculation from orgasm and often forgo the former. Coauthored by four longtime practitioners of Taoist sexuality, this book does what The Joy of Sex did for millions of readers: it shines a clear light into foggy areas of sex that have been shrouded, overly mystified, or misunderstood. The 50-odd drawings here, in fact, were created by the same illustrator. Thai author Mantak Chia has done an admirable job with his coauthors of making the mystifying concepts of sexual energy so vivid.

Taoist sexuality is, above all, rooted in nature and in the physical. The authors first teach basic exercises like belly breathing and PC-muscle toning (Kegels aren't just for women anymore), as well as pulling energy down from the head to the genitals, circulating sexual energy in the mind, and sharing life-giving energy with a partner. Taoist sex is all about energy flow. "Your genitals and spine are like a water wheel that draws the energy up your spine and then pours it into your head to replenish your brain. From there it flows down like a waterfall into your abdomen, where it can be stored in a life-giving reservoir of energy." The 28 exercises here all teach a deeper energetic sensitivity within oneself before cultivating the flow of sexual energy with a partner. This is an excellent distillation of Taoist sexuality, an antidote for Westerners living "in their heads," and an inspiration for those wanting to "sex the spirit" while they make love.
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At last the ancient secrets are emerging from the monasteries and the mystery school. Some of the most powerful techniques ever devised by man, to accelerate his evolution, are now yours to use. Now you can learn to direct the life force in your body, the creative sexual power. You can increase your energy level, heal and rejuvenate yourself, enjoy the psychic sensitivity, which develops spontaneously in this practice. You can be your own therapist and clear away the emotional debris that weighs you down. You can deepen your love relationship, rekindle the flames, and satisfy your partner more completely. You can learn to ride the orgasmic energy into mystical union with God.

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This book is absolutely essential to those serious about taking their sex, and really their entire life, to the next level of spiritual fulfillment. I have so many good things to say about this book. It was discontinued for years and I finally managed to find a copy of it for my collection. After introducing the reader to some basic Taoist principles of energy and stress and spirituality, which it explains very well and in clear discourse, it launches into the main part of the book - direct application. The book is not just about sex, it is about sexual energy. First the power and different uses of sexual energy is explained, then the book goes over exercises women can do to harness the power of their latent sexual energy to vitalize their body and spirit. This part requires great practice and is frustrating sometimes because there are so many parts to the exercise and some parts take a long time to master. Completing this is best, but not necessary, before moving on to the interactive lessons of the book. Mastering these exercises in and of themselves will change your life as your find you have more energy, less or no PMS, a better attitude, and a more focused perspective. Then the next part of the book gives you a series of exercises designed to help you better enjoy and more heartily contribute to your own sexual experience. Some of these exercises are difficult or take time but I can personally guarantee you they are worth your while. The Egg Exercise alone is worthy of buying the whole book! This part also shows how to transform some of the sexual energy created during sex into spiritual energy. The third part is very interactive and spells out techniques to employ during sexual activity. And good things come to those who wait because this portion is the easiest to learn and master. Techniques range from those designed to create longer and more intense orgasms to those designed to heal physical imbalances in the body to those meant to strengthen emotional connections between partners to those meant to be a supra-meditative experience where you "touch the face of God" even. It's amazing and there is something for anybody. The book concludes with a few loose ends that get tied up, including a brief section for lesbian women! Seriously, this book is an awesome and powerful tool. And it needs to be taken seriously by those who really want to awaken their entire selves, souls, hearts to the joyous experience of living. Your partner will thank you for the rest of your relationship. Most importantly, you will thank yourself for the rest of your life:)
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Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving
by Muir, Charles

Review from Meditation Magazine:
"An excellent guide to Tantra, the ancient knowledge of the higher use and purpose of the sexual force."
Based on Charles and Caroline Muir's popular seminars, this provocative and timely work offers modern couples ancient Tantric secrets for deepening relationships, intimacy, and passion.
“The Muirs courageously bring to public attention the importance of free flowing sexual energy for mental and physical well-being — a relationship that much of modern psychology has overlooked. Their sacred spot healing work could be one of the breakthrough healing techniques we've been looking for — a very powerful shortcut that involves great pleasure.”
— Janna Fineberg, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“With easy-to-follow exercises, this provocative and timely book offers modern couples ancient Tantric secrets for deepening relationships, intimacy and passion.”
— Yoga Journal

“The Muirs are emissaries from the future, leaders for a generation that desires an end to the battle of the sexes and the beginning of a new form of relationship.”
— Whole Life Times

“The voice of experience as few today can be.”
— Meditation Magazine

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The Illustrated Kama Sutra
The Classic Eastern Love Texts
Translated by Sir Richard Burton and F. F. Arbuthnot
Selections from all three Eastern love texts in one volume, gorgeously illustrated in color with a unique collection of Indian paintings and sculpture. As an expression of human culture, and as a "pillow book" for the modern boudoir, the Kama Sutra (the most famous work on sex ever written), the Ananga-Ranga and the Perfumed Garden set forth the principles of sexual pleasure with candor and grace, celebrating the science of love as an ecstatic expression of life's beauty.
(156 pages)
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The Art of Tantric Sex

Ancient techniques & rituals that enhance sexual pleasure.

An erotic journey of self-discovery

Mind and Body Exploration
Exercises for individuals and partners embrace sensory and breath awareness, mutual pleasuring, autoeroticism, massage, and meditation Tantric Lovemaking
Tantric lovemaking positions show how to transform the energy of sexual arousal into a more prolonged and blissful experience Explicit Imagery
Erotic color photographs demonstrate preparation, basic sexual positions, and the principles of Tantric lovemaking
Experience new dimensions of sexual pleasure and achieve a deeper sense of intimacy with this accessible and erotic interpretation of Tantra's ancient teachings.

Understand the highly pleasurable Tantric rituals that enable you and your lover to create the ideal ambience for the sacred fusion of body, heart, and soul. Follow erotic sequences for exploring the wonder of the body and transforming every aspect of your sexual relationship. Discover how basic lovemaking positions hold the key to inner transformation. Practice physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that bring great vitality, self-awareness, and balance to your whole being.

Blissful Union
These preparations open the door to blissful sexual union and the Tantric lovemaking positions that are so vividly demonstrated in glowing photographs. Here, by experiencing the stillness of Tantric lovemaking and learning how to stay relaxed in high states of arousal, you can go beyond orgasm to the ultimate harmonious union that is the very essence of Tantra.

Nitya Lacroix is a writer and a body-centered psychotherapist specializing in relationships and sex therapy. She is also a leading massage expert and has studied the teaching and practices of both Eastern and Western massage schools. Nitya Lacroix teaches courses in body awareness and massage therapy and has practiced massage in health and therapy centers throughout the United States and Europe. Her interest in Tantra has its roots in India, where she lived for ten years, studying Eastern philosophies and meditation practices.

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The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
Margo Anand

Margo Anand has helped thousands of people who were bored or disenchanted with sexuality learn to connect deeply with their natural sexual energies and with the spiritual experience that connection brings. In this step-by-step, elegantly illustrated course book, Anand presents the training she has done worldwide, based on ancient Tantric and Taoist practices that are fully adapted and made understandable to Western lovers.
ISBN 0874775817
Book--softcover $US19.95 Secure Order Form

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Sexual Secrets
Special 20th Anniversary Color Edition
By Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger

Sexual Secrets has been called the definitive text on sacred sexuality and been translated into twenty languages. This classic has not aged, but with this new full-color illustrated edition published to celebrate its 20th anniversary, it has expanded its views of contemporary sexuality to become a beacon for the 21st century. As Penny Slinger puts it in her new preface: “Love and Freedom joined together is the new paradigm for our age, and tantra is the tool to take us there.” This new edition has been completely redesigned, and 200 new full-color images have been added to enhance Penny Slinger’s beautiful black and white illustrations evoking all of the various cultures of the Orient. These images, together with Nik Douglas’ accessible presentation of the secret teachings and sexual techniques of the ancient civilizations of Nepal, Tibet, China, and Japan bring us ever closer to the truth of who we are and the discovery of our divine nature. Over one million copies of the original book have been sold worldwide. A true celebration of sexual creativity!

352 pages, 8 x 11, with 200 color and 400 black and white illustrations
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The Great Book of Tantra
by Indra Sinha

Excerpt from the Great Book of Tantra, "Without doubt, the man who erects a Siva-linga earns ten million times more merit than by giving away all his gold to the poor and sick, or by inviting ten thousand to a sacrifice, or by digging wells in a waterless country."
In the Hindu tradition, the esoteric practice of Tantra regards sexual energy as a path to spiritual wisdom. For more than two thousand years, India has produced a wealth of erotic literature and art, much of which has been accessible only to tantric initiates. While a few tantric texts such as the Kama Sutra, and the Ananga Ranga have become famous over the centuries, there are numerous other manuals and erotic works that are hardly known in the West.

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The Yoni
Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power
By: Rufus C. Camphausen
From earliest times, humanity has found visual expression for the cosmic forces of creation, birth, and passion in artistic representations of Goddess images of the vulva--known in the East since ancient times as the yoni.
Yoni symbolism is a part of spiritual traditions in every part of the globe--from the naturally occurring "yoni rocks" revered by North American Indians to the shakta-pithas of Hindu temples, and from the Sheela-na-gig carvings on early Celtic churches to the Japanese kagura ritual. The Yoni traces this primal motif in Aboriginal folk tales, in alchemy, in Tantric practices, and in contemporary symbology by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe and Judy Chicago. Dozens of illustrations reproduce the varied portrayals of this universal symbol of feminine creativity.
(134 pages) Price $US19.95 Secure Order Form

Energy Centers of Transformation
By: Harish Johari
For scholars and spiritual aspirants of every level, Chakras will be an invaluable, practical source of information and techniques.
Harish Johari, Indian scholar and practitioner of tantra, introduces the classical principles of the chakras as well as their practical application for today. He unfolds the mysteries of these subtle centers of transformation with techniques of visualization that are essential to tantric practice and realization. (116 pages)
"...a beautifully crafted book. Johari skillfully takes us into the machinery of Hindu Metaphysics, a nerve system vehicle that navigates the invisible frontiers of consciousness...compressed with detail."
Hinduism Today
Price $US19.95 Secure Order Form

Aphrodite's Daughters:

Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul

by Jalaja Bonheim, PhD

A spellbinding exploration of how women's sexual experience affects their spiritual unfolding, Aphrodite's Daughters is based on the life stories of women of all ages and religious backgrounds. Stories about love and marriage, birth and death, healing from sexual abuse, aging, the sacred masculine, Tantra, the demon lover, cunt healing, sex and ritual, mothers and daughters, and much more. Respectful, readable, and profound, this book will make you laugh and cry. Above all, it will make you view your sexuality in a whole new way. Highly recommended for men, too!

From the Introduction:

Sex is an inherently sacred and soulful force, and if we look carefully, with an open mind, we will find that our sexual stories yield rich spiritual nourishment. Women have always found sacredness in the midst of the ordinary, harvesting spiritual wisdom from the fields and forests of their everyday embodied experience. Yet especially in sexual matters, our knowledge has remained largely unspoken, as if we were creatures of the sea who float and turn silently in the depths, graceful but mute. The stories you will find in the following pages reveal what rich treasure lies concealed beneath the blanket of silence. They bear witness to the beauty of the feminine spirit, and to the magnificent flowering of maturity, insight, and soulfulness that sexual experience can elicit in our lives.

Critical acclaim for Aphrodite's Daughters:

"A brave, beautiful, erotic and wise book in a society where sexuality, like so much of our humanity, is cut off from the sacred. Jalaja Bonheim's honesty marries body to ecstasy, heart to spirit."
Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher, author of A Path with Heart

"Aphrodite's Daughters unfolds our long-clenched and denied bodies so that we can open again to th healing stories of sex as sacrament, search, and spiritual reunion."
New Age Journal

"This book moved me more than any other I have read. I cried as I read it. I carted it around with me and savored it. I place it on the small list of books that have truly changed my life, books that have greatly enlightened and comforted me."
Sofia Shafquat, author of The Shadow Man

"An excellent, unusual, passionate book!"

Aphrodite's Daughters : Womens Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul is published by Fireside, a division of Simon & Schuster, and is available through any bookstore. 400 pages, ISBN 0-684-83080-9

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Passionate Enlightenment:
Women in Tantric Buddhism
Miranda Shaw

Winner of the 1994 Tricycle Prize for Excellence in Buddhist Scholarship
Winner of the 1994 James Henry Breasted Prize of the American Historical Association

The crowning cultural achievement of medieval India, Tantric Buddhism is known in the West primarily for the sexual practices of its adherents, who strive to transform erotic passion into spiritual ecstasy. Historians of religion have long held that the enlightenment thus attempted was for men only, and that women in the movement were at best marginal and subordinated and at worst degraded and exploited. Miranda Shaw argues to the contrary, presenting extensive new evidence of the outspoken and independent female founders of the Tantric movement and their creative role in shaping its distinctive vision of gender relations and sacred sexuality.


"This book is a welcome and wonderful addition to feminist scholarship on Buddhism, a rapidly growing endeavor. . . . Miranda Shaw's discussion of passion and intimacy as a path of practice is exemplary in its demonstration that such practices can only be undertaken by equals who share the same vision, the same aspiration for enlightenment, and the same training and meditative skills."--Rita Gross, Shambhala Sun

"A feminist critique of a male (and Western) view of the Tantric tradition [and also] a balanced reassessment of a tradition too long misunderstood."--James George, Parabola

Price $US19.95 Secure Order Form


The Tantric Path of Purification:

The Yoga Method of Heruka Vajrasattva: Including Complete Retreat Instructions

From the Back Cover
Purification of the mind is essential for anybody who wishes to advance along the spiritual path. In this wonderful book, the renowned master Lama Thubten Yeshe (1935-84), founder of the international Buddhist organization the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) and teacher of thousands of Tibetan and Western students, explains one of the most powerful mental purification practices in the vast array of Buddhist meditations. Included is an entire section of complete retreat instructions - required reading for anybody undertaking a meditational retreat in the Tibetan tradition

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Tantra : The Cult of the Feminine

Tantra : The Cult of the Feminine reveals a practical And balanced, modern view of the secret teachings of Tantra yoga. Tantra, known in India for several millenia, brings us a different view of life, the world, and oneself which is at once new and archaic, exotic yet very close to the roost of each of us. Being neither a seer nor a religion, it is a yogic discipline that awakens not only the sacredness and magic of the sexual act, but of life itself.
Van Lysebeth discloses the sexual techniques of Tantra that can be used by Western couples to enchance relationships and help open the door to a new kind of enlightenment. He also reveals the wisdom of tantra- the essential belief that our universe is a creations of the physical and spiritual union of the Male and Female principles, manifested in the human plane as Love. He shows us how the repression of feminine values in our patriachal civilization is the esoteric cause of many of the modern world’s crises. Tantra affirms that a true understanding of feminine values can bring about much-needed changes in our society. Van Lysebeth’s warmth and insight brings modern readers to new dimensions of feeling and understanding!
Hardcover Price $US30.00 Secure Order Form

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