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The images and videos on the tantric club site are all actual footage of teachers with their students,or members contributions. There is nothing fake nor 'acted' in these situations, no enhancements through any medium ( sound or lighting etc)

They are specific instructional situations, designed to encourage and affirm that certain actions are attainable.They are not intentional commercial activity (as many tantra sites use). We have attempted to be as unobtrusive as possible keeping in mind both the participants focus and the objects of both the session and the video


Club members can


Watch Graphic instructions in PC muscle-Squeezing

Yoni =Vagina

Lingam =Penis

Sacred Spot = GSpot

Watch and Learn ,Woman self Pleasuring-learn what women really like

Watch and Learn ,Men self Pleasuring-learn what men really like

Yoni Gazing sometimes termed as Yoni Puja-Meditate on beautiful real moving yoni's

Lingam Gazing sometimes termed as Lingam puja-Meditate on beautiful real moving Lingam's

Sacred Spot watch as women learn to access there-Sacred spot

Maithuna the Sacred Union

Natural Tai Chi Watch Beautiful woman practising-their Tai Chi naturaly

Watch Graphic instructions in Vaginal Squeezing

Club members can

Download complete amazing Screensavers
----Yoni's (Vagina)
----Lingams (Penis)


Club members can Watch Tantric Videos online
Club members can Watch Spiritual Videos online
Club members can Listen to Spiritual Mp3's
Club members can

Chat with other members online
......Males and Females looking for tantric partners

Free Gold membership in the Tantra Dating site



PLUS Members contributions

How to give a Female Oral Sex

How to give a Male Oral Sex
How to do a Sixty Niner
How to Self Pleasure( Female)
How to Self Pleasure (Male)
How to use a Vibrator
How to Make Love (sexual positions)
How to Shave your Vagina
How to Female Ejaculate
How to Pleasure a Male
How to Have Anal Sex (Male)
How to Have Anal Sex (Female)
How to Shower
How to find your GSpot (Female)
How to use a Strapon
How to Strip Sexualy
How to Enjoy Breasts
How to have Breast Sex
How to Use Objects
How to have ThreeSomes
How to find your GSpot (Male)
How to use a Condom (Male)

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