WHEN A MAN IS IN FEAR, even though he has been a lifelong atheist, he starts
turning into a theist. Priests came to know about it, and then they used it down the
ages. The whole past of humanity is fear ridden. And the greatest way to create fear is to make man feel guilty about natural things. He cannot drop them, and he cannot enjoy them because of the fear of hell, so he is in a double bind. That double bind is the base of man's exploitation. You cannot just drop your sexuality because some stupid priest is saying that it is wrong. It has nothing to do with your idea of right and wrong; it is something natural, something in the very being. You have come out of it, each of your cells is a sexual cell. Just by
saying, you cannot drop it. Yes, you can start repressing it, and by repressing you
can go on accumulating it in the unconscious, and that becomes a wound. And the
more you repress, the more obsessed you become with it. And the more obsessed
you become, the more guilty you feel. It is a vicious circle. Now you are caught in
the trap of the priest.