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Can Tantra help heal sexual abuse and trauma?
Yes, many people come to Tantra because of previous abuse. Trauma, especially, sexual trauma leaves a violent impact on the tissues of the body. The body responds by going numb and unconscious. Many people come to Tantra with an inability to experience pleasure during intimacy. What happens is our bodies go numb to protect ourselves from experiencing the pain of the trauma. The result is an inability to experience pleasure and orgasm. In Tantra sessions we teach emotional release techniques that release body memories on a cellular level bring numb areas of the body back to consciousness.

My BODY had been physically asleep in a glass box for years - and a Tantra teacher had awoken me - not with a kiss - but by asking me to close my eyes and not do anything but receive and feel.

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Can Tantra help me find a partner?
In Tantra we recognize the self as the Beloved. And, YES, recognizing yourself as your Beloved can definitely help you attract a partner.

Can Tantra help me be a better lover?
Yes, the key to great love-making is being present in every moment. Tantra teaches presence in each moment as well as ancient practices used during love-making.

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The heart-opening experience: What I mean by that is, the experience of being in love but without another person to be in love with, "Pure Love." In other words, I was in love with everyone and everything, felt totally at peace and physically beautiful. I was loving and clear and loved. I became Love Itself. My heart was clearly opening bit by bit. I became more loving, and more able to express love to others, more patient, more open, and less afraid of other people or their disapproval. I began to see my heart as a psychic organ as well as a physical one. I could put my attention in my heart when talking to a friend or client and know, in some inexplicable way, what they needed from me and how to give it to them."

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The word "yoni" is a Sanskrit work meaning "sacred space" or "sacred temple" and it refers to the vagina.

The yoni massage is something every woman should experience. It allows women to simply relax and enjoy all the attention that is put into their pleasure. It's also common for a woman to have sexual repressions, which reduce the quality of their sex life. This special massage helps to break those barriers down and make a significant improvement in a woman's sexuality.

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Tantric massage is VERY sensual. It's purpose is to activate and spread sexual energy throughout your body.

The pleasure you experience will do more to work against your negative conditioning about your body and your sexuality than anything else you can do or think.

My Teacher knew how to touch - and where to touch - He knew places to touch that I didn't know about - and soon I was traveling to another place in another universe. I was in a trance of breath and sweat and pleasure that went on and on in such a extended way - that I was traveling through light and sound. I never knew that such a experience could be had without actually making love. When I finally climaxed and climaxed and climaxed- I could not believe that I had a sexual climax in the presence of someone outside of my husband. I was feeling both excitement and a little bit of embarrassment. Looking back at this moment, I never would have thought that having a orgasm in front of another man would, in fact, become the "start" of this entire journey in Tantra


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"The problem that I see with many people who are taking this spiritual path is that they try to work on the upper centers before they work with the body and the heart. Work on your heart first. When you start to feel yourself loving the people in the supermarket and crying at parades you will probably be ready to work on the other centers. One of the most interesting aspects of this process has been that I have developed an unshakeable sense of identity and Oness about ourselves. This is the self love which is talked about so much in books and workshops these days. Have you ever asked, "How?" when the workshop leader said that it is important to love yourself?"

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