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"Feelings that originate in the human genitalia are among the most powerful forces on earth. They have a complex relationship with the feelings that stem from the human heart: at various times in competition or in harmony. Together these primal energies have forged and toppled empires; unleashed terrible and wonderful ideas; and spawned the greatest stories ever told. It's my belief that one of the supreme goals of spiritual work is to harness sexual urges in service to the heart's wisdom." Rob Brezney.

In Tantra, the vagina is a sacred part of the female body. The word for vagina in Sanskrit is
Yoni, which means "sacred space" or "sacred temple."

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The Yoni And Wholeness
"As individual human beings we are not isolated and insignificant Newtonian entities; rather, as integral fields of the holomovement each of us is also a microcosm that reflects and contains the macrocosm. If this is true, then we each hold the potential for having direct and immediate experiential access to virtually every aspect of the universe, extending our capacities well beyond the reach of our senses." --Stanislov Grof, The Holotropic Mind

The question I hear most often, either directly or indirectly from those who respond verbally to my work, is why do I focus exclusively on female genitalia? Why is it worth so much time and attention? Or, as one local woman told me the other day, "Seems like once you've seen one, you've seen them all."

But I beg to disagree. One of the paradoxes of our existence is that we are individuals amidst the collective. We experience life from a singular perspective more often than we experience it from a collective one. Each Yoni that births either human or other creative manifestation into the world is unique. And yet, they are all the same by the nature of their being.

Exploring the archetype of the Yoni and how she communicates herself through my artwork, I believe I am extending beyond the capacities of my individual experience and touching the greater human experience. The Yoni is our first home, the place from which we all are born no matter how we find our way out. A woman has played a valuable role in our lives merely by allowing her body to conceive, nourish, and birth us into this universe. Each woman has a unique story surrounding her capability or incapability, desire or lack of desire to give birth to a child.

All people have unique stories surrounding their ability and desire to create. The Yoni and woman's capability of conceiving and birthing children is representative of the creative process in all people. We do not only birth human children, we birth ideas and theories, art and music, movements and communities. All forms of creativity are forms of birthing. All men and women are capable of the creative process. All humans have the Yoni archetype residing within them.

The basic principle of my feminism is that womanhood deserves honor and respect simply for existing as the only method of bringing new human life in the world, as well as it's role in passing on culture to younger generations. We would not perpetuate as a species without the existence of the feminine. We would not have the creative process without our birth into existence to inspire it. However, the same can be said of the masculine. We would not exist without a seed planted and the vitality of personal power. My feminism does not discount the value of masculinity; it embraces masculinity and femininity as two halves of the wholeness of being human.

"The sexual organs not only have a huge role in our imagination of sex, they have given rise to religious ritual, meaning, and art. In fact religion demonstrates that the sex organs and the body's capacity for sexual expressiveness are not only meaningful, they convey the grandest and deepest truths about life." --Thomas Moore, The Soul Of Sex

The female genitalia and spirit of being has been scorned and mutilated for far too long. It is time to reverse our dysfunction by embracing and appreciating its beauty. The pendulum has to swing from one side to the other before it settles in the middle. The middle is an understanding of male and female energies as equal and integral aspects of the universe. It is also an understanding that male and female might exist equally in individuals, both in their bodies and in their souls. It is a realization that male and female are a part of the same whole. Marriage is not the creation of wholeness; it is the acknowledgement of wholeness that already exists. Wholeness does not have to be acknowledged through union of male and female bodies; but simply through union of spirits, no matter their physical gender or combined genders.

The Phallus has been worshipped for thousands of years. The Yoni was worshipped for thousands of years before. Now, it's time not to worship them as external entities or forces, but to acknowledge the divine presence of Yoni and Phallus archetypes in each of us as part of the whole.

However, wholeness cannot be created without first reclaiming the piece that is missing. And right now, the missing piece is the feminine--in body or spirit--as powerful. My art is an attempt to envision a world where femininity is seen as a beautiful and integral contribution to our wholeness as individuals and as a human family. It is also an attempt to send out a message to the hearts of other people who are craving a return to wholeness. The more of us thinking, speaking, and acting towards wholeness, the sooner it will come. The sooner we will see our connectedness and end the wars, the hunger, the thirst, the greed, the rapes, the murders, and the abuse. The sooner we will be honest about our cravings for love, empathy, connection, collaboration, union, and growth.

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