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Yoni Puja is worship par excellence and by omitting it every other puja is rendered useless. For this present Yuga the part of Sakthi's body worshiped is the Yoni. Thus, Devi is worshiped only with regards to her Yoni. This path was hidden and lost for over 6000 years. This is the oldest known path in Tantra, older then the knowledge of the Shiva Lingam, which is the main icon, is Shaivism

The ancient Hindu Vedas such as YajurVeda, SamVeda, Rigveda,Atharvanaveda
contain the word yoni in various contexts.
The original meaning of yoni was "Divine Passage"

The yoni is as a temple in which the divine essence of a woman, in other words her soul, can be worshipped. The yoni is the gateway by which we may join with our sexual partner to experience oneness with the God essence or Goddess essence.

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Yoni Puja

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The Shiva Lingam represents the cosmic principles. In Tantra, Shiva symbolizes the consciousness, and Sakthi symbolizes the energy or principle behind the manifested Universe. They are the cosmic couples who are inseparably united as Brahman, the absolute. They also represent the essence of each human being. Shiva is the third member of the trinity, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. The Shiva Lingam's base is the Yoni with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within it. This is a clear representation of the power of Sakthi. She as Aathi Para Sakthi is the creator of all, the Gods and human and all the three worlds.

Until to-day most Hindu women do not know that Brahma and Vishnu is within Her Yoni. They only see Shiva's Lingam exposed. Few ever question the real meaning of the symbol. For most people praying to the Shiva Lingam is praying to Lord Shiva. And those who know do not speak of it.

The Beauty of the woman,
is the beauty of the heart,
is the beauty of the yoni,
is one.
- Chant by Marie Summerwood

Yoni Puja or the Holy Mass of the Vagina or Pundai can be done using a YANTRA or a symbolic representation of the vulva or using a real female fom. The pundai puja done using yantra does not produce the same effects as yoni puja done using a real human vagina.

Yoni puja and linga puja
Worship of the generative organs is found in many schools of tantra yoga. This can take the form of presenting offerings of flowers and/or food to the sex organs of a living man or woman, to a statue of a deity, or to a simple effigy that symbolizes the yoni (vulva) or lingam (penis).

The Tantric ceremonial worship of the female genitals is called the yoni-puja

In the Yoni Puja that is part of Yoni Tantra, the practitioner is alone with the woman who has agreed to serve as the focus of energies, to serve as a representative of the Goddess.

The yoni is the most feminine part of woman, mysterious and hidden, soft, receptive and embracing. In Tantra a woman's yoni is seen as not only erotic but also magical. A place where great wisdom and potential for healing can be found. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for sacred place.
Tantrics viewed that power as the source of all creative action. Tantrics did not describe female sexuality as "passive" as in the Western manner, Tantric Hindus regarded female orgasm as the energizing principle of the universe."

The Yoni, arouses the power potential of the Lingam

Yoni (yõnee) is a Sanskrit word that translates as “womb”, “origin”, “source”, and “vulva”. Our yoni is our entire genital system, our uterus, our passage (I choose not to include vagina in my vocabulary, it translates as “sheath for a sword”), and our vulva. Using the word yoni offers us the opportunity to reclaim the sacredness and power of our sexuality as women, as goddesses.

A woman’s yoni has been worshipped all over the world. In India the yoni is worshipped as the sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine, the Great Goddess, the source of life, the Universal Womb. There are entire sects based on the worship of the yoni, also called Yoni Puja.

The yoni is as a temple in which the divine essence of a woman, in other words her soul, can be worshipped.

The yoni is the gateway by which we may join with our sexual partner to experience oneness with the God essence or Goddess can be found.

Yoni means sacred place in Sanskrit. In Tantric yoga a woman s yoni is viewed as both erotic and magical; the yoni is considered a place of wisdom and healing. The yoni is considered the gateway through which sexual partners may experience oneness with the universe. It is a temple in which the divinity of a woman may be worshipped. In some systems, there is a yoni chakra that is solely concentrated on female pleasure.

In Buddhist Tantra, or Vajrayana, which significantly differs from the Hindu Tantra, the female principle of “wisdom” (prajna) is seen as static, whereas the male, or “means” (upaya), is active. In Buddhism, rituals that appear to break basic moral precepts have for the most part been dropped, but the complex meditation practices have been retained. It is uncommon for a practitioner of Buddha Tantra to engage in Sexual Intercourse with the Yoni as a result of engaging in Yoni Puja. In Hindu Tantra, however, the heroic Tantrics culminate their Yoni Puja rituals with sexual intercourse with the Yoni and with the drinking of the "adharamadhu" (nectar from the vagina or pundai).

Both Yoni and Lingam gazing are wonderful meditative experiences, sit and gaze at the beautful Yoni and loose self in all its texture, its lifeforce, its color,and just breathe in the amazing wonder that it is, its sort of like giving a beloved a gift of honoring , honoring that sacred and special part of their being.

Theres a hardwired mammalaian brain circuit which flips us into alpha states when we (esp men) look at a yoni... it is by natures design the most powerful of yantras....

The man performing the yoni-tantric puja sits in front of and between the pundai-stri's opened legs clearly showing the splayed vaginal lips. With complete concentration and with unwavering awareness.

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